Conferences with Jerram Barrs, July, Auckland

Originally from England, Jerram is Professor of Christian Studies and Contemporary Culture and Resident Scholar of the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Before taking up his role at Covenant Jerram helped found the English L’Abri where he worked for 17 years. Jerram also served as a pastor in the International Presbyterian Church for 16 years. Jerram has a passion for helping equip and encourage Christians to grow in their relationship with Christ and to learn how to glorify him in all of life. Jerram is the author of numerous books including The Heart of Evangelism, Learning Evangelism from Jesus, The Heart of Prayer, and Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible.

Jerram will be speaking at three different events over two weeks host by City Presbyterian Church in Auckland.

Pastors Conference with Jerram Barrs – Who and what does God call a pastor to be? What role does a pastor play in the life of a church and individual believers? Join with us as we explore the Bible’s teaching on these and other questions related to pastoral ministry in the church.

Is God a Misogynist? – Popular understanding of the biblical view of women tends to suggest that the God of the Bible is misogynistic. But is this popular understanding an accurate one?

Faith & Work Conference – What does it mean to profess faith in Christ while pursuing our various professions? What does it mean to follow Christ in the 9-5 of life? How does our relationship to Christ bring deeper joy and meaning to our career? Join with us as we explore the Bible’s teaching on these and other questions related to the relationship between faith and work.

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